Oh Mercy

An updated version of article I wrote for the inaugural issue of Montague Street. I have made alterations due to changes in Dylan’s career and people mentioned in the article.

Tell Tale Signs

In this case a review just after a release, for ISIS. It’s amazing how much has happened since then.

Bits and Bobs

As the name suggests this will be the place for all kinds of things that I think you might like to see, but that don’t fit anywhere else.

Like the odds & ends drawer in a kitchen it will grow overtime, probably to become overfull and in need of clearing out.

There will be more to come and there will, indeed, be more pages to this site.  I was on the point of launching when the pages I had created not only became corrupted but also caused a runtime error in my design software.  I suspect I had got carried away with adding photo galleries because it happened straight after that. I will find another way to do those.

Rainy Day Women #12 and 35

I decided in the end this was too “light” for Troubadour.

How I got into Dylan

And that this just did not fit.

“Love and Theft”

Yet more on “Love and Theft”; There may be 40,000 words in Troubadour but I still had a lot left out. Here are two sections that were cut from the book as they strayed too far down side-track avenue.

Masked and Anonymous

Revised Draft

21st May 2002


Troubadour out-takes


Film Script