Welcome to the supporting website for the book Shakespeare in Cambridge; A Celebration of the Shakespeare Festival.

Unfortunately my domain has become incompatible with my web development software and I can no longer update the original site.

From the left hand side here you can access the 2017 page and buy the book via clicking on the cover.

By clicking here you will be taken to the old opening page, pre 2017. From there you will have full access to the main site. The pull down menus lead you to all other pages.

In the book section you can read extracts and reviews,as well as buy copies. For the Festival itself, in the Yearly Feedback you can follow past years.

Relevant to both book and Festival, the Audio pages let you hear some of the directors’ thoughts. The final pull down Menu is dedicated to CSF links and video clips.

Temporary Home page- Welcome!

2017- 30 years strong!