Robin Lloyd Jones


By Robin Lloyd-Jones on 18 July 2015

Shakespeare in Cambridge celebrates the annual open-air Cambridge Shakespeare Festival. In his introduction to his book Andrew Muir says that this festival has challenged and refocused his views on Shakespeare’s plays and reinvigorated his appreciation of them. Muir’s brilliant book will do the same for anyone who reads it. Even if you have almost no interest in Shakespeare it will grab you by the arm and lead you to a Shakespeare performance. And, if you are already a Shakespeare lover, Shakespeare in Cambridge will further fuel your enthusiasm and considerably increase your understanding and knowledge of the Bard’s plays as dramatic art. Andrew Muir has done a vast amount of research, including interviews with those most involved with live theatre – the directors, actors and members of the audience. One would expect a serious and scholarly book about Shakespeare to be rather academic and dry, but Shakespeare in Cambridge is the very opposite of this and extremely readable. For all those who were put off Shakespeare at school this is the perfect antidote. Over the years much has been written about Shakespeare. With the publication of this new book on the subject Andrew Muir brings a welcome breath of fresh outdoor air to the oeuvre.


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