Witty, Entertaining and Hugely Enjoyable

By Marcus on 17 July 2015

Better known for books about Bob than the Bard - most notably the highly praised 'One More Night - Dylan's Never Ending Tour' - Mr, Muir has now tuned his hand to writing about a poet from an earlier age, and done it with the same sophistication and expertise - not to mention, attention to detail - he has employed throughout his writing career

Using the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival as the focal point, the book also relays the part Cambridge has played across the generation in the WS saga.

Concise but witty, this tome lends itself to a wide appeal across the multitudes and Should Not (with a capital SN) be treated as an academic thesis of sorts, when it is a highly original and entertaining work albeit intelligently composed - and in that sense has much in common with old Will himself.

S. Hill

Super for students (and non-students of course)

By S. Hill on 27 July 2015

This is great, it explains staging issues in clear English, all I need to do is translate it into lit-crit jargon and that's a couple of essays done!

Highly recommended - well written, insightful, intelligent and really helped me.


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