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I have many hours of interviews with directors, actors and members of the public. A number have already given permission for me to use these on this site, so I intend to put up a wide selection of them as time passes. As I populate the site with ‘out-takes’ from and elaborations on the book, I will also put up audio clips that were not quoted  in the publication for reasons of space.

In the meantime, The first three, below, are from interviews for the book but I may also obtain some on ongoing productions, especially if anything controversial happens”

However, lets start in a more relaxed manner and let founder and artistic director, David Crilly, take us back to how it all started:

Audio 1:   David Crilly - In The Beginning…

Audio 2:   David Rowan on the similarities and differences between himself and fellow long                 time directors, Simon Bell and David Salter.

Audio 3:   Simon Bell on the changing light from the first to the second half of the Festival.
(Apologies for the background noise, but this ties in nicely with “Extract One” under the Book pull down menu)

Audio 4:  David Crilly, Founder and Artisitc Director, interview on “Cambridge 105”, on the 13th August 2013.

Audio 5:  Interview with me on Cambridge 105 on August 6th 2015

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