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1 As I have written books on Bob Dylan, and most recently one on his touring and live performances, it was inevitable I would keep thinking of connections as I wrote this book on Shakespeare productions.

I have drawn these connections together into the following article: Two Bards.  This first appeared, in a slightly earlier version, in the Dylan magazine ISIS #180 in June 2015. It is written with an audience knowledgeable about Bob Dylan in mind but, hopefully, will hold enough relevant content to interest everyone, regardless of pre-knowledge on the subjects discussed.

2  Reviews

3. Interview on radio: Cambridge 105  Summer 2015

4. Cambridge TV interview was broadcast on Friday, August 21st 2015.  Part One   Part Two

5. Interview on radio: BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, March 2016  

6. Interview on radio: BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, April 23rd 2016 New