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A Midsummer Night’s Dream       Directed by Sean McGrath

St John’s College Gardens to August 3rd to August 22nd

REVIEWS:  hopefully some of you will join in by posting your thoughts on this, here.

Barking Mad……August 15th Afternoon show reviews by Andrew Muir

Later Note: I saw ‘Dream’ again on its last performance and discovered that Puck went up the tree half an hour before the start and patiently waited on his entrance from there. I never noticed him ascending and neither, apparently, did anyone else. Also, on this occasion, the ‘mechanicals’ plot’  did not seem swamped by other two groupings. Perhaps there is room for all three centres of attention even in short productions, after all.  The ending at night was spectacular, much more ‘faery’ than in sunligt.

Also, here is Lydia Fallon’s review from The Cambridge Evening News.   Don’t forget to come back to this site after reading it!

Photo taken from actor Rob Goll’s Twitter Timeline