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Two Gentlemen of Verona, 2013

David Rowan’s Two Gentleman of Verona at Robinson College, was an absolute triumph. A riot of fast paced fun and delight. I enjoyed it so much the first time I saw it that I went back to see it again and it was even better the second time round.  I first saw it on Wednesday 21st in an astonishing crowd of c 350 and then again on Sat 30th matinee with an audience of about a tenth that due to forecast (and strong visual premonitions!) of downpours.

In a sparkling production, this play, with its slight plot, fairly skipped along. The actors imbued every character with life and humour. It seems unfair to single one out when all played their parts  so well, and it is doubly unfair on the main characters and the usual scene stealers, Launce and Crab (brilliant here ) and the impossibly mannered and over the top Thurio but the absolute highlight was the unforgettable, Sir Eglamour.

I had attended without particularly high expectations; it does not necessarily strike one as being a possible highlight amongst the eight plays on offer.  This production was, however, full of zest and life and my favourite of the year, one of my favourite of this decade, indeed.   It was vibrant and irresistible.  I took two others who also loved it and the buzz around me when people were leaving was all similarly positive.